The safety of our patients and crew is our top priority. With that in mind, we are continuing to closely monitor Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments and update our procedures.In accordance with CDC, we are implementing contingency plans and putting additional protocols into each part of our services. All crews go through decontamination procedures and all aircrafts and ambulances are deep-cleaned after each use.
Our services are considered ‘Essential Service’, however there are many state and local requirements to navigate. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out. As always, we are proud to serve you and provide you with clear information and safe solutions that ensure a secure and safe service for all. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated with any new and pertinent information.
Last Update: June 16, 2021



Medevac International Air Ambulance ensures EMS Air Medical service to hospitals throughout the United States and Internationally, to help patients get the necessary level of care they need or desire. Medevac International serves Alaska, with the ability to relocate patients to and from the 48 Contiguous States, Alabama, Canada, Mexico, Asia and more. We also have sponsored satellite Air Ambulance bases in Portland, Oregon and Denver, Colorado. Speak to a Medevac International representative for help to solve your medical transportation needs or answer any questions you might have regarding patient transportation.

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Flight Team

Medevac International utilizes Nationally Registered Flight Nurses and Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics. Flight Team members come from many walks of life but share the same background. Many of our Medevac International Flight Team members are hired after several years in busy ICU, ER or 911 systems, where they acquire a great deal of real world experience with all aspects of both emergency medical care and interfacility care. Our providers are then trained to be able to provide extensive care in harsh and austere environments such as disaster sites, oil rigs or international/remote clinics. We believe that this model gives them the flexibility and skill set to deliver high quality care in this most demanding of environments.

Medivac International

Scope of Care

Medevac International provides medical transport at the ALS level, utilizing Licensed Flight Nurses and Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics. Medevac International Flight Teams are trained and certified in Advanced Medical Life Support, International Trauma Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, as well as Basic Life Support. Medevac International Flight Teams can initiate or continue a high level of medical care and stabilization from point of access to definitive care.

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Care areas include:

  • Cardiac Care ACLS, ACS care, 12 lead
  • Stroke Care
  • Trauma Burns, Spinal Cord Injuries, Orthopedic
  • Respiratory Ventilator support, Continuation of Sedation
  • Bariatric Care Available dependent upon aircraft availability
  • Medical Infectious Diseases, Covid, Cancer
  • Post discharge care and transport
  • Continuation of care already initiated, Medevac International Flight Teams; with written orders, will continue care according to sending Physicians orders

Medevac International is able to offer:

  • Emergency service with 24-hour dispatch
  • Arrangement of all ground ambulance service including wheelchair transport
  • Medical Escorts for airport travel
  • International Air Ambulance service to Canada, Mexico, Asia, and more
  • Depending on the type of medical transfer, we can often accommodate one or two traveling companions
  • Coordination with the insurance company
  • Post-flight follow-up


For patients who are unable or would rather not travel alone through today busy airports, Medevac International can provide a Flight Nurse or Paramedic as an escort. Remove the stress associated with traveling through TSA checkpoints at today’s hectic International Airports. The Medevac International team is dedicated and committed to delivering the highest quality patient care. For additional information or to schedule a transport, call Medevac International toll free @ 1-877-985-5022.
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