Medevac International’s mission is to provide the highest level of medical care, compassion, and community awareness; to be responsive and able to quickly adjust to a customer’s needs; and most importantly, to provide a safe environment for customers and employees.


Medevac International provides air medical transport at the Advanced Life Support level, with Licensed Flight Nurses and Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics. Medevac International Flight Teams are trained and certified in Basic and Advanced Medical Life Support and International Trauma Life Support. Medevac International Flight Teams can initiate or continue a high level of medical care and stabilization from arrival on scene to destination.

Areas of care include:

  • Cardiac Care ACLS, ACS care, 12 lead
  • Stroke Care
  • Trauma Burns, Spinal Cord Injuries, Orthopedic Injuries
  • Respiratory Ventilator support, Continuation of Sedation
  • Bariatric Care, dependent upon aircraft availability
  • Medical Infectious Diseases, Covid, Cancer
  • Post-discharge care and transport
  • Continuation of care already initiated, according to sending Physician’s orders


Medevac International uses Nationally Registered Flight Nurses and Mobile Intensive Care Paramedics. Many of our Medevac International Flight Team members have several years of experience in busy ICU, ER or 911 systems, with real world experience in both emergency medical care and inter-facility care. The team is trained to work in harsh environments such as disaster sites, oil rigs, and remote clinics to give them the flexibility and skill set to deliver high quality care in any circumstance.

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